The Catalina and Sofia Book Series
Join the sisters in their magical adventures!
Jackie Saettone was born in Peru. She began her studies at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (PUCP), graduated in anthropology from the University of Pennsylvania and has an MBA from Harvard Business School. She loves to travel, meet people from all over the world and learn about their cultures, languages and customs. For many years she lived in the United States, Asia and Europe. She has long since returned to Lima, where she combines her business work with her passion for writing.
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Catalina & Sofia in the underground world of Cusco
Catalina & Sofia have adopted this dog. His name is Coco. They will all travel to Cusco’s ancient Inca city – Machu
Picchu – where Coco will transport them to a magical world.
Catalina & Sofia among the bones of Kuelap
After visiting Cusco, Catalina & Sofia travel to Kuelap with Lulu – a cat you will learn about in the character
page. There, they enter another magical world where they will encounter these gigantic cats who will be as surprised
as Catalina & Sofia are to meet them.
Catalina & Sofia Guardian Apprentices
In this new adventure, Catalina & Sofia travel to the north of Peru, where they encounter The Lady of Cao,
a legendary leader who governed in Peru 1700 years ago. Here Catalina is drawing some of the tattoos The Lady of Cao had in her arms.

Watch the book trailer for Catalina & Sofia in the underground world of Cusco here

Watch the book trailer for Catalina & Sofia among the bones of Kuelap here

Magical Elements

Travel with Catalina & Sofia to discover their magical adventures!


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