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The Catalina & Sofia book series

The magical adventures of Catalina & Sofia will transport you to worlds of fantasy, travel, and culture. These engaging and beautifully illustrated stories will captivate you and allow you to travel often – since where the first book ends, the second one begins. Thought initially for children from 6 to 11 years old, this series is – in fact – for children from 0 to 100 years old or more…

BOOK1: Catalina & Sofia in the Underground world of Cusco
Catalina & Sofia are sisters. One day, their father, who is driving them to school, has to hit the brakes to avoid running a puppy over. As they will discover, it is a Peruvian hairless dog. He is so charismatic that the girls beg their father to adopt him. What Catalina and Sofia don’t know is that this will be the beginning of an adventure in Cusco that goes beyond pure tourism. Join the sisters on an unforgettable journey where ancient Peru will magically reveal itself and share with them the joy of having a pet that will transport you to an extraordinary place!
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BOOK2: Catalina & Sofia among the bones of Kuelap
Catalina and Sofia have just adopted a kitten. Her name is Lulu and they love so much that they even take her on a trip to Chachapoyas with their family. It is a trip planned with great care and enthusiasm, but a magical experience in a house of the Chachapoyas culture, decorsted with “theeyes of the feline”,will mean a radical change of plans.Lulu will eat a strange moss and the kitten will connect with an incredible world. Fascinating vision and encounters with the past await Catalina and Sofia in this new adventure,where you will enjoy learning about ancient Peru and its wonders, but above all, meeting the Guardians of sacred places,who also want to meet You!
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BOOK3: Catalina & Sofia Guardian Apprentices
Catalina and Sofa apprentices of guardians ”is the third book in the Catalina and Sofa series.

After their magical travels through Cusco and Kuélap, Catalina and Sofaa travel with their family and their aunt Daisy to northern Peru. On this journey, they will discover more about their missions as “Guardian Apprentices” and begin lessons with other apprentices from various countries. In addition, they will have an unforgettable encounter with La Dama de Cao, who will appear to guide them with the ancestral wisdom of ancient Peru.

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